Disaster Document Recovery

If you are a victim of a natural disaster, flood or home fire, and lose sensitive documents, call the Adirondack Insurance Claims Department at 1.877.629.8003. You will be put in touch with a specialist from Identity Theft 911®, who will guide you through the recovery process of your sensitive data and information, from start to finish.

Document Recovery Service includes:

  • One-on-one unlimited access to a fraud specialist
  • Assistance with emergency authentication
  • Assistance with rapid replacement of critical documents such as birth certificates, loan documents, INS and IRS documents, etc.
  • Assistance with accessing, protecting and reassembling financial, credit and employment-related documents
  • Systematic notification of insurance companies, employers and other institutions
  • Establishing a center of communications for all relevant parties, including family members
  • Proactive measures such as credit file alerts and freezes, monitoring services, etc.