About Us

"Completely satisfied from beginning to end. We're most pleased. Thank you."


Why Insure With Us?

Why Adirondack Insurance Exchange?

Our comprehensive products, world-class service and special benefits reinforce our commitment to providing an exceptional experience to each Adirondack Insurance Exchange member. In partnership with local independent agents we offer homeowner and auto policies, as well as a package policy that combines all of your property and liability protection on one bill. And, we can customize your protection to best fit your unique needs, including coverage for personal watercraft, jewelry, fine arts and more.

Specifically, we offer:

  • Customized insurance protection to fit your needs
  • Fair and convenient claims resolution
  • Partnership with local independent agents, professionals who work and live in your community
  • Membership benefits that range from financial tools to identity management services and travel assistance

At Adirondack, we partner with the finest Independent Agents in New York to deliver the highest level of service. We're satisfied only when you're satisfied!